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Discover the Magic of the City of Eternal Spring

Medellín, known as the City of Eternal Spring, is an unmissable tourist destination in Colombia. This blog will guide you through an exciting city tour of Medellín, highlighting the most iconic attractions, rich culture, and hidden corners of this vibrant city. Whether you're planning your first trip or are a frequent visitor, Medellín always has something new to offer.

History and Culture

Medellín is a city rich in history and culture. From the Museum of Antioquia, where you can admire the works of Fernando Botero, to Pueblito Paisa, which offers a panoramic view of the city and a glimpse into traditional Antioquian life. Every corner of Medellín tells a story, and a city tour is the best way to immerse yourself in its cultural heritage.


Iconic Places

Plaza Botero Plaza Botero is one of the most iconic places in downtown Medellín. This outdoor space is home to 23 large sculptures donated by the master Fernando Botero. Walking through the plaza feels like stepping into an open-air museum where Botero’s sculptures, with their voluptuous shapes, capture everyone’s attention. Additionally, the plaza is surrounded by other points of interest such as the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture, making it an excellent starting point for your visit.

Museum of Antioquia Right next to Plaza Botero is the Museum of Antioquia, a must-visit for art and history lovers. This museum houses an extensive collection of artworks, including many pieces by Fernando Botero and other Colombian artists. The permanent and temporary exhibitions offer a deep insight into the culture and heritage of the Antioquia region.

Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica The Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica is an impressive example of Neo-Romanesque architecture. Built with over 1.1 million bricks, it is the largest cathedral in the world constructed with this material. Its interior is equally impressive, with beautiful stained glass windows and an atmosphere of peace and solemnity that invites reflection.

Parque de Berrío Parque de Berrío is one of the most traditional meeting points in Medellín. This green space is surrounded by historical and modern buildings and is a perfect place to rest and observe the city's daily life. In the center of the park stands the statue of Pedro Justo Berrío, a prominent Antioquian politician and leader.

Culture and Traditions

Downtown Medellín is a hub of cultural activities and traditions. Various festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year, attracting locals and tourists alike. One of the most notable events is the International Tango Festival, which pays homage to Medellín’s strong connection to this musical genre. Additionally, the Flower Festival, held every August, fills downtown with colorful parades and cultural events.

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